Turist Adivce : Disposal of Wastes from the use of Oils

In Italy 280.000.000 kilos of exhausted vegetable oils are produced every year – about 2,67 kilos per head-, waste that we return to the environment as residuals from fried food and oils for food conservation, therefore polluting substances

Vegetable oil can cause environmental and economical harmful consequences if not separated and/or dispersed into domestic sewer:

  • it obstructs the correct working of treatment plants, thus increasing costs at the expense of the Municipality;
  • if poured into subsoil it makes useless water wells even far away;
  • if poured into the soil, it prevents plant roots from absorbing nutrients;
  • if poured into any body of water, lake and sea, it creates an impervious film on the surface of the water that preverts the oxygenation and compromises the existence of flora and fauna.

For these reasons only a correct and monitored oil disposal, both by residents and turists, can guarantee environmental safeguard

On the area between Pedaso and San Benedetto del Tronto, many street containers OLIVIA have been positioned to contain right inside remaining oils from kitchen.

How can we contribute to environmental safeguard?

  • Do not throw oil into the sink: it is highly harmful for the environment!
  • Collect the oil in a container
  • Bring it to Olivia
  • Pour the contents inside Olivia
  • Keep the container in anticipation of using it again

The oil delivered by citizens and later collected by Adriatica Oli, a company authorized and regularly registered at the consortium CONOE, is later recovered and can be converted to biodiesel, products for saponification, release for construction, lubricating oil, ink, paint and other products.

The used oil from your kitchen – is brought to Olivia – Adriatica Oli collects it – it is used to generate new products.

For more information about the collection of exhausted vegetable oil click here

If you want to know where is the container Olivia next to you, insert the postal code in the form at the end of the page


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