In search of Dea Cupra

Starting from Piazza della Libertà continue north along the SS16 for 1.2 km and turn left at the crossroads with the SP91, which leads to the countries of Montefiore and Carassai; continuing along the road for about 280 m you cross an archaeological area where you can see on the left, the Forum area of the ancient Roman town of Cupra Marittima, "The Civita", located on a broad plateau at the top then the paved road, and on the right the remains of Roman walls , the "walls Mignini". This area is visited during the summer through guided tours (information from the local tourist office). Continue for another 278m, turn left before the motorway bridge above the road and climb down a dirt road that leads south-east in the direction already indicated Foro of the Civita now viewable from above; continuing for another 870m, down to the left along a road through an olive grove, during the short descent you will see an old farmhouse on the left of the IX Century , the Pieve of San Basso to the Civita, a sacred place of worship for San Basso, protector of the country. Continue down the path to an old house where you turn right until then to take the SS16, meeting with the remains of Roman walls, located behind the bar Curzi. Continue on SS16 towards the south, after 320 m on the right there are the remains of the "Ninfeo", an ancient Roman villa with thermal baths, accessible and containing frescoes in good condition. Continuing on the SS16 toward south for another 350 m. after the bridge over the river turn right and follow the road uphill for 1.4 km, continuing on the main road under the motorway bridge, at a sharp bend where you can see the ancient walls of the medieval town of Marano, on the left you will find a path that descends about 150 m up to shoot a short stretch of paved road that leads uphill to the front door of the Castle of Marano. Several streets leading to the top of the medieval city of the ninth century, where you can visit the ancient ruins of the three districts (emblem of the country), the remains of the church of Santa Maria in Castello and the Palace of Francesco Sforza. It takes the path from the square of the restaurant "Castello" to get to the door - arc to the west keeping right and continue uphill along a dirt road up to shoot the cemetery, continue straight until the first junction where turn left and continue until you reach the remains of the Castle of Sant' Andrea, an area of historical and archaeological interest related to the period of the settlement in the territory Piceno cuprense. It takes up the paved road downhill until you are back on the SS Adriatica south of the country, through which and by using the railway you can reach the bike path that takes you back north to the town centre. It is advisable to wear a helmet and appropriate clothing.


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