The italian writer Piovene wrote that Campofilone is a town situated in an ideal geographical position, where see, country and wild hills come across creating a rare wonderful scenary. During the Middle Ages the town was called “Campus” (meaning dyer's field), stressing on the peculiar handmade activity of the area. The city still preserves the ruins of the medieval castle, the majestic Gothic arch, a Roman cistern, some rural houses and a shooting lodge, both dating back to the XVI century.Do not miss a visit to the abbey church of San Bartolomeo, where some frescoes of the painter Fontana are ehxibited.Campofilone is widely known also thanks to its “maccheroncini”, whose tradition lives again each year in August during the renowed national festival, just dedicated to this peculiar sort of pasta:The “Maccheroncini di Campofilone” are famous for their special digestibility.


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