Hills of Piceno

Leaving from Cupra Marittima and following the road south until Grottammare and here at the traffic lights turn the first right and we take the SP23 cuprense. The initial climb is quite hard to the Oasis of Santa Maria dei Monti (XVI century), then it becomes a slight slope to start to become more harder once you arrive to the village of Petrella, but only after 3 km, we arrive to Ripatransone city of art and history. Admiring the view on our left offered from the hills of the Marche, continue on the same road cuprense, leave the town, going down to our right and pass the church of “Madonna del Carmine” (XVI century).From here the road has a continuous up and down until you get up the hill,to the feudal village of Cossignano and from there continue on the same road SP 23, varied hilly landscapes with typical "badlands", you reach, climbing, Montalto Marche. Practically, starting from Grottammare, we touched the places linked to the origins of Pope Sisto V, born in Grottammare and moved after a few years in the "beloved homeland" of Montalto. With Montalto we have touched the highest point and now from the square of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta turn right and downhill, we proceed to Carassai. Continuing for 500 m we arrive at the centre of the country and leaving at the right the Collegiate Church of Santa Maria del Buon Gesù, downhill, we head towards Montefiore Dell'Aso. To get to 411 m we get to go up to the last 3 km, then at the first crossroads turn left and then, after 250 m turn right to go to Campofilone. The road at this point goes down and after Campofilone we reach the SS16 and at right we are back in Cupra Marittima.It is advisable to wear a helmet and appropriate clothing.


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