Through Valdaso

Starting from Cupra Marittima and heading north, turn left immediately to take the SP91 Menocchia Valley and after 12 km light up at the first intersection turn right into Madonna della Fede and always keeping us on the right begin the climb of 2.5 km.It's short but quite challenging and leads us to cross the SP58. At the height of the hill to our right we leave the church that gives its name to the place and turning left we proceed to Carassai. The tree-lined road leads us in this smooth and quiet rise and the last jerk push us over the centre of the country. We leave at our left the Collegiata of St. Maria del Buon Gesù (XV-XVII century.) and we begin a short downhill section that will lead us, staying on the same road, towards the Renaissance Fortress of Monte Varmine. After leaving the Fortress on your right after about 2 km we are still right at the junction that leads us to Montalto, while we take the descent to the right that leads us on Valdaso S433.From here,just following the road on the left we pass through the Valdaso of Ortezzano. We continue on the same street, full of peach plantations, until you reach the centre of Rubbianello, pass the bridge over the river Aso and after 10 km we are in Pedaso. Crossing the Adriatic main road turn right to walk the last 8 km that lead us to Cupra Marittima.It's advisable to wear a helmet and appropriate clothing.


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