Near Falerone, in the 1960s, some archaeological exavation dug up some ruins of an ancient necropolis; next to the skeletons some tableware and weapons were found, that attest the presence of an ancient culture, as also the old Roman theatre proves, dated back to the first century a.C. On the hill of the town you will find the noble Emiliani palace, now used as town hall, and the parish church. Going down to the town centre you will feel totally enshrouded in a fifteenth-century atmosphere: in the centre of the main square there are an old well, while on a side of the little square you find the church of San Fortunato, tha was begun at the end of the thirteenth-century and still preserves the wooden statue of the Saint and a great painting of Vittore Crivelli; on the other side of the square you can admire the Loggetta dei Mercanti, dated back to the fifteenth century. Besides, Falerone is famous for its typical handmade straw hat activity.


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