Panoramic Route

Starting from Piazza della Libertà we head north for about 190m and just crossed the bridge along the SS16 turn left onto the paved road that follows the river Sant Egidio, crossed 750 m turn right into Industria street and continue on the paved road uphill for the first part, then flat, with small up and down for about 4.5 km.At the end of the last stretch of the climb you come to a crossroads, turn right, continue for 150 m take on the left side of the road, on bend, the first dirt road; keeping us on the right, follow the path down to 2.3 Km cross the village of Villa Santi Massignano then reunited at the end of the final dirt road on Menocchia Valley(SP91); continue to the right for 2.7 km and turn right onto a dirt road uphill just past the highway bridge above the road. We are in the archaeological area of Roman "Civita" and admiring from here the view of Cupra Marittima, we begin a short downhill section of about 1 km, which takes us back through a final stretch of asphalt at an intersection near the river Sant Egidio, turn left to take the SS16 and head right, towards the south, to return to the starting point.It is advisable to wear a helmet and appropriate clothing.


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