Montefalcone Appennino

Some historical notes make us believe that the town Montefalcone dates back to 705 AD, when the “Curtis Montis Falconis” was assigned to the Farfense monks. The tower of the old castle, standing stately over the town, was refuge of the tyrant of Fermo, Rinaldo da Monteverde. However, there are several towers in Montefalcone: in the churches of San Michele, San Pietro in Penne, Santa Maria delle Scalette. This last one stands on an interesting and peculiar opening dated back to the IX century. In the church of the convent of Frati Minori, in Luogo di Sasso, a kilometer away from the town, a fifteenth-century cloister is conserved. It is believed that Beato Matteo da Bascio, founder of the order of Frati Minori Cappuccini, lived here, while the convent is thought to be wanted by San Francesco d'Assisi. The town lies in a nature reserve area and presents also a famous environmental education centre.


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