Montedinove rises on the top of a hill, between the fertil valleys that come along with the rivers Aso and Tesino without interruption to the Adriatic sea. The town was born at the end of the VI century, after the Lombard invasion, and it had old city walls; its ruins, with the door of the Victory, are nowadays very well preserved. We suggest you visit the church of Santa Maria De'Cellis; its Romanesque-gothic portal is the oldest and the most interesting monument of the place; the town hall, original architecture with a threefold arch portico. Among the inhabitants of Montedinove we have to mention especially the eighteenth-century poet, Ignazio Erei, the Pasqualinis, bell casters, the editors Del Duca and the architects Pietro e Carlo Maggi (uncle and nephew, respectively): they were born in Switzerland but the soon moved to Montedinove, where they worked to restore the church of Santa Maria De Cellis.


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