It is believed that the first form of urban settlement that eventually gave rise to the town of Montegiorgio existed since prehistoric times. But it is only during the Middle Ages that it developed into a real community centre, around the year 1000, and we have to wait for the XIII century to see it flourish as a craft center, when a rich Jewish colony, moved here from Florence, stimulating trade and crafts, especially in the field of leather and leather.The old centre, situated on a summit, has a triangular layout and retains many of the typical medieval streets.Places of particular interest include the Church of San Francesco, the magnificent portal, or arch, of the fourteenth century, the remains of the church of San Salvatore, demolished in 1827, the castle walls of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.Of great landscape interest is instead the terrace (the "Pincio") that allows you to enjoy a panorama that embraces the Gran Sasso.The San Paolo Hippodrome, in the village of Piane Montegiorgio, is the largest sports centre in the area and offers one of the most famous horse racing structures of Italy. With its calendar of races and events each year attracts millions of equitation fans.


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