Ripatransone is one of the oldest and most suggestive centres of Piceno. It is worth visiting many monuments, among them the Palazzo del Podestà, dating back to 1304 and presenting Romanesque-Gothic features: in the last century the building was enlarged and restored in order to make the town theatre «Luigi Mercantini»; the civic picture gallery, containing several works dating back to the XV century, but also paintings belonging to contemporary artists, like Fazzini, Brindisi, Ciarrocchi, Annigoni, Gera, Cantatore, Guttuso; the cathedral, built in 1597, respecting the design of Gaspare Guerra da Modena.Because of the wonderful sight you can enjoy from the Belvedere within San Nicolò hill, the city is also known as “Belvedere del Piceno”. If you want to taste a typical meal, you cannnot miss “Lu Ciavarro”, whose main ingredients are legumes and fresh herbs. A curiosity: in Ripatransone you can notice the narrowest street in Italy, just 43 centimetres large.In Ripatransone, the night of the first sunday after Easter, today as in the XVII century, the “Cavallo di fuoco” takes place: it is a popular event during which the character of a blazing horse runs among the people and makes pinwheels of firework, reminding the celebration of Madonna of San Giovanni in 1622.


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