Towards Ripe

Leaving Piazza della Libertà we head north for 190 m, cross the bridge, turn left onto the road along the river Sant'Egidio, via E. Ruzzi; continue for 9 km on the main road, it consists of an initial stretch of asphalt and flat for about 3 km and followed by a dirt road mostly uphill with different slope changes. Continue until you reach the junction with the paved road indicated as cuprense road, at this point turn right and go uphill for 1.6 km to the country of Ripatransone where, following the road signs, we head towards the centre.From Piazza XX Settembre, "the square of the cannon", lies the medieval town centre filled with narrow streets, including the narrowest street of Italy, the museum, the theatre Mercantini, now head to the market area and continue your way towards via della Fonte, then, after a short dirt road downhill, arrived in the Fonti area, came to a door-arch, turn right, continue for 350 m then turn left down and take C.da Acquarola. The stretch approximately 1.7 km long is made up of short up and down, on the first intersection, turn right onto C.da Castellano, covering 1.2 km, arrived near a school building, on the opposite side of the road, a dirt path will be on your right down, the latter, about 1.3 km long, you enter on Contrada Sa Michele, turn right and continue downhill for another 3.4 km until you get onto SP91, where you turn right. After 2.8 km, crossing the highway bridge above the road, turn right and take a dirt road uphill, after 600 m reached the top of the hill, we are in the area of the Civita Romana in Cupra where you can admire the sea view of the country.Continue for another 700m down, take a paved road that leads to the path of the river Sant'Egidio (E. Ruzzi Street), turn right and you return to your starting point.It is advisable to wear a helmet and appropriate clothing.


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