Spinosi Egg Pasta

Spinosi has come a long way in the last 70 years!

 In the Spinosi, a thorough artisan, used to bring his friends some of his maccheroncini during his frequent trips to Rome.
Spinosi Egg Pasta homemade since 1933

That was in 1933, and it was in this generous gesture of friendship that the first package originated.

In the meantime, though strictly keeping to tradition, quality has been further enhanced to allow this particular pasta, which is still the same as ever, to come to everybody’s table.

Vincenzo Spinosi’s secret:

simple eggs and durum wheat semolina of fine and carefully selected quality, together with lots of experience and love in the best of traditions.

Via XXV Aprile, 21 – 63016 Campofilone (FM) Italy

Tel. +39 0734 932196 – Fax +39 0734 931663



Spinosi Egg Pasta

XXV Aprile, 21
63016 Campofilone (Fm)

Phone: 0734 932196

E-mail: info@spinosi.com


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